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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Welcome, to Drew's Doodle of the day. I have always suffered from lack of inspiration, and general can't be arsedness when it comes to art. I love to draw and doodle and I love my best friend Andrew (Drew) SO I asked for him to give me an idea, something to draw... I basically opened a Pandora's box of fucked up and bizarre . He, like me has a reeeeeeeal bizarre and dark sense of humour. And because there is no judgment between us, and because I crave his approval, I draw these thing without question.

I'm posting afew previous ones he asked me to do alittle while ago, everything else will be fresh baked daily.

    The one that kicked it all off... "Draw Robert Mugabe on trial... whilst snorting coke."

    "Draw a mythical monster eating contest."

    "Draw Michael Jackson as a Professor, teaching Horse Evolution."

    "Draw an Indian takeaway restaurant run by the Power Rangers"

    "Draw an alternative reality... where Hilter pursued a career in Art"

    "Draw Optimus Prime in Therapy"

I think we need therapy...

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